2017 Audi Allroad review with video


The basics:

Starting price: $47,600 + taxes
As tested: $52,920 + taxes
Average fuel economy over our week of testing: 9.5 L/100 kms (25 US MPG)
Competition: BMW 3-series wagon, Subaru Outback, Volvo V60 Cross Country, Volvo V90 Cross Country, etc

Oh, I do love a good wagon. And the totally redesigned 2017 Allroad is scratching me in all the right places! The Allroad has been around since 1999 but it was originally based on the A6 platform. For a number of years, Audi has opted to base this car on the more compact A4 platform but treating it to a more rugged appearance, more ground clearance (34 mm more than the A4 sedan), it’s wider and longer than the A4 and new for 2017, it has a different all wheel drive system on board – Quattro Ultra. This is the same system we’ve seen in lower tier Audis for a little while and that has hardcore Audi aficionados saying, “Don’t mess with the recipe, man?” We took the new Allroad for a spin to see how it performs in the snow while carting our family around. The result? Take a look at the video above and then scroll through our report card below.

– While the price has risen for 2017, the Allroad’s standard equipment has gotten better: leather, heated front seats, panorama sunroof, power tailgate, paddle shifters, push button start, three zone climate control, etc.
– Bump into the top tier Technik package and you’ll get Audi’s industry leading virtual cockpit that we first saw in our Q7 review last year. The completely digital instrument cluster in front of the driver is customizable and looks amazing
– Our decibel reader test revealed a very quiet ride. At 100 kms/hr, we hit 62 dB despite having winter tires mounted
– All trims of the Allroad come with the same third generation, 2-litre TFSI engine. It delivers 30 more horsepower for this year and despite a more offroad oriented design, the Allroad is peppy – hitting 0-100 kms/hour in a quick 6.2 seconds. And while there is some turbo lag under quick, immediate acceleration, it is a far more eager engine than many of the four cylinder turbos that are all the rage right now
– New for this year is a seven speed dual clutch transmission that makes for quick, lively shifts and also doles out some pretty respectable fuel economy. We averaged 9.5 L/100 kms over our week of driving
– And while Quattro Ultra was a contentious addition to the Allroad, we took this system down some very icy, snowy side roads and it never skipped a beat
– The advantage to Quattro Ultra is that the all wheel drive system decouples under ideal driving conditions, essentially making the Allroad a front wheel drive car and really improving fuel economy


– While the new Allroad has gotten bigger and passenger dimensions in both the first and second rows are all larger, the trunk capacity has been reduced. It now has 680 litres versus the previous generation’s 770 litres – still a reasonably sized trunk but not as big as you’ll find in the Outback or Volvo V90
– Despite its extra ground clearance, the Allroad corners very nicely but compromise is the suspension is a little harsh on rough frost-heaved roads or back alleys
– While the 8.3 inch infotainment system screen on higher level trims looks great, the interface for using it was a little tricky. All controls for the system are down by the gear shift so we found our eyes off the road a little more than we’d like as we tried to figure out how to change radio stations or toggle over to the navigation view
– And if you’re using Android Auto or Apple Carplay through the infotainment system, you have to plug your phone into the infotainment system rather than using a wireless pairing system
– The back-up camera on higher level trims has a bit of a fish eye effect so it’s not as helpful as many other back-up camera systems out there

The Takeaway:

Family Wheels driver comfort score: 4/5
Family Wheels interior layout score: 4.5/5
Family Wheels infotainment system score: 3.5/5
Family Wheels interior noise score: 4.5/5 (62 dB at 100 kms/h)
Family Wheels performance score: 4.5/5
Family Wheels rear passenger score: 4/5
Family Wheels trunk test score: 4/5
Family Wheels fuel economy score: 4/5
Family Wheels build quality score: 4.5/5
Family Wheels value score: 4/5

Family Wheels overall score: 41.5/50= 83%

Thanks to Glenmore Audi for supplying our test vehicle this week. Content was not subject to approval.


  • Sunny

    Would the trunk fit a road bike with a baby car seat stuck on the back seat (flip down the 40 side of the back seat)

    • pkarchut

      Unlikely, Sunny. Our Volvo (which is much bigger) even has a hard time doing that. What about a roof rack?

  • Enjoyed your review on my possible next car. ATL auto show next weekend to see it in person.

    I very much dislike rotatory knob activation of the info/nav screen. My 2005 TL has touch…aviation is going to touch, meanwhile BMW, Audi, the new Acuras are rotatory knob. Two steps to spell every entry of each letter for a destination.

    Excellent review down at the owner level of what they will face, feel, like and dislike…GREAT JOB!!!!!!

  • Andrew Hodge

    Thank you Paul. I have watched many of your vehicle reviews and believe yours are more comprehensive than most reviewers. I’m considering a 2018 Progressive or a 2017 Technick with low mileage. please keep up the good work!


    Andrew Hodge

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