2018 BMW 4-Series Coupe


The basics:

Starting price: $52,150 + tax
As tested: $73,190 + tax
Average fuel economy over a week of driving: 9.2 L/100 kms (25.5 US MPG)
Competitors: Audi A5, Lexus RC, Infiniti Q60

BMW 440i Gran Coupe

The 4-series line-up was released back in 2014, taking over where the 3-series coupe left off. And despite the fact that the recipe has been getting improved upon, we’re still in the first generation version of this car. At its base price, it will set you back around $1200 more for 2018 but with that slightly larger price tag, LED headlights and taillights are now standard, it has slight changes to its exterior styling, some tweaks to its suspension and steering feel, new interior colours, and improvements to its infotainment and navigation systems.

But even though the coupe is a blast, you can also get a 4 series Gran Coupe for exactly the same price. It gives you four doors rather than two. It still looks amazing. And, according to BMW’s literature, its 0-100 km/hr time is actually just slightly quicker. Put all that together and the four door is certainly the way I’d lean.

For a full review of the 4-Series coupe, check-out our video at the top of the page. Then for a quick list of pros and cons and our Family Wheels report card, scroll through the screen below.

– Fantastic sporty, elongated, yet elegant exterior lines
– We really like the size of it, too. The 2-series coupe seems a little small. The 6-series is rather boatish. The 4 series is juuuuust right
– The 4-series has a great split personality – offering fantastic fuel economy in Eco mode or fiery performance in Sport mode
– Our test vehicle came equipped with the optional M Performance package ($2,900). That gives you both a 35 horsepower bump in power and a performance exhaust system – which delivers a satisfying but not overbearing purr under cruising and a delicious burble during shift changes while in sport mode
– Great to see that this car is still available with a 6 speed manual transmission. Or for the same price, you can also get an 8 speed automatic which offered crisp, quick shifts
– Such a clean, paired-down interior. BMW really could teach the domestic brands how to keep it simple
– This car also has some of the most comfortable, supportive seats we’ve come across with very little driver fatigue
– Top rate infotainment system with easy to navigate menus and fantastic voice recognition
– Trunk space was also impressively usable – with 445 litres of gear swallowing depth and a helpful pass through for taking longer items, like skis, along for the drive

– The 4-series is the most expensive among direct competitors like the Audi A5, Lexus RC and Infiniti Q60. Take the A5, for example, which includes AWD on all trims. It starts $47,950 and is very well equipped at $55,450. The BMW, meanwhile, has tonnes of options and packages to consider which quickly drives the 4-series well past its competitors
– Some of the features in the $6,000 premium enhanced package seem like they should come standard: alarm system, satellite radio and lumbar support among them
– The suspension is a little harsh – it has been stiffened slightly for 2018. But I think this is more because of the run-flat tires which create a rough and fairly noisy ride (68 dB at 100 kms/hr)
– The other downside to the run flats is that there’s no spare tire on board
– While the infotainment system is fantastic, Apple Carplay doesn’t come standard (part of the Smartphone connectivity package) and Android Auto isn’t available at all. BMW says Android isn’t able to integrate as well into their iDrive system. But other companies have made it work. Why can’t BMW?
– While the second row offers an impressive amount of leg room, it’s tough getting a kid in and out of a car seat (and forget about actually installing one). Because the back seat is more spacious, it’s even trickier than I’ve experienced in other coupes

Family Wheels report card:

Family Wheels driver comfort score: 4/5
Family Wheels interior layout score: 4.5/5
Family Wheels infotainment system score: 4/5
Family Wheels interior noise score: 3.5/5 (68 dB at 100 kms/h)
Family Wheels performance score: 5/5
Family Wheels rear passenger score: 3.5/5
Family Wheels trunk test score: 4/5
Family Wheels fuel economy score: 4/5
Family Wheels build quality score: 4.5/5
Family Wheels value score: 3/5

Family Wheels overall score: 40/50= 80%

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