Feature story: In Defence of the “Midlife Crisis” Car


This week, we had a last minute change. I thought I’d be reviewing a Lexus for you – with four doors, five seats and plenty of trunk space (a perfectly reasonable family choice). But instead, I was put into… the Mazda MX-5. It’s the most unabashedly un-family friendly car we’ve ever seen on the channel. But it offers up a chance to talk about something creeping into my mind these days, the so-called midlife crisis car. It’s a vehicular choice that men are often roundly mocked for buying. But as I say in the video above, I think it’s less about grasping onto the last threads of your youth and more about finally being in a place in your life where you can buy something as indulgent as a sports car. Give it a watch and let me know what your take is. Next time, we’ll be back doing our regular thing – reviewing that Lexus I’d hoped to have for you this week!

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  • Darko Biljan

    I loved this review! I am turning 50 in four days and yes, I have thinning hair, I drive 2005 Sienna and 2010 Kia Soul Manual, but also dream about Miata. And no, I won’t be dying my hair any time soon. So, thank you for defending an idea of a middle age crisis car. Just like my previous CEO would say when I asked him about buying his brand new Fiat 500 Turbo: “I told my wife; it is either Fiat or a blonde…”

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